Bidboard # 1858
Lot # 196
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $200.00
Price Realized: $150

Apple Carton Cornucopia. Cardboard apple box (larger than a Banker's box) packed to the brim with numerous Canadian and worldwide bits and pieces. Noted, in no particular order, were several "junior" type world albums, a quantity of worldwide approvals, used Canada in a shoebox, Canadian First Day Covers, used GB sorted and semi-sorted in envelopes, used mixture (on and off paper), United Nations on pages, used Canada on manila stocksheets, three high quality stockbooks containing used and mint no gum Canada, an older Unitrade catalogue and finally, two small boxes of used GeoV, GeoVI and early QEII carefully sorted into small glassines (includes better VF quality material, unchecked for varieties or cancels, huge total catalogue value). A great winter project. Estimate