Bidboard # 1902
Lot # 164
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $500.00
Price Realized: $170
New Zealand # 182-184, B1-B2, AR46/AR98

All used selection of 1926 to 1945 period group of 33 different stamps, including regular, semi-postal and postal-fiscal issues. As all postally used postal-fiscal stamps the lot catalogues over US$15,000.00 (=$19,500.00 CDN) but many of the postal-fiscals appear to have been fiscally used. The AR stamps as fiscals catalogue in the 2019 Barefoot revenue catalogue for 476.55 (=$810.00 CDN), with the 2021 Scott value for the regular and semi-postal issues adding up to US$270.25 (=$351.33 CDN), for a total of $1,161.47 CDN. Estimate