Bidboard # 1902
Lot # 174
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $325.00
Price Realized: $280
Spain, Portugal and Respective Colonies

Two shoeboxes packed with material from these two former world dominating countries and their colonies. The Spain & Colonies portion consists of many thousands of mint and (mostly) used stamps from this very popular country, stripped from numerous general worldwide collections over the course of many years. All packed & semi-sorted into #8 size envelopes, filling the shoebox to the brim. There could be everything and anything lurking in these envelopes. Sure to be worthwhile finds. The Portugal & Portuguese Colonies consists of a semi-sorted duplicated selection of thousands of mint & (mostly) used stamps. Classics to recent issues. The stamps have all been placed into #8 size envelopes or dealer #102 cards & appear to be all kinds of material pulled from numerous collections over a long period of time. Sure to be finds here too. Estimate