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Bidboard # 1940
Lot # 22
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $250.00
Current Bid: $120
British Commonwealth

Selection of "G" to "N" Colonies and Dominions in a high end 64-page stockbook. Includes Granada, Jamaica, Kenya, Malaya and states, Maldives, Malta, Mauritius, Nauru, Nevis, New Hebrides, New Zealand (with some nice 1898, 1935 and airmail issues), Nigeria, Niue (noted some nice overprints on NZ issues) and Natal (including a batch of high value revenue cancels). There is a mix of mint and used, the mint being mostly hinged up to the early Elizabethan period. A number of Common design issues are present, including the 1935 Silver Jubilee. Runs from QV to about 1980, with a bit of duplication but includes some good hunting for postmarks. Some high face value revenues can be found throughout (keep your Barefoot catalogue handy). A great pickers lot! A total 1900 stamps. Estimate =