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Bidboard # 1940
Lot # 36
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $9,135.00
Current Bid: $450
Canada # 14/2339 plus BOB

Outstanding collection of used Canada in 3 volume Parliament albums. Better includes perforated cents with clean light cancels, complete Large and Small Queens, various Jubilees up to 50c, complete Numeral, Leafs and KEVII and "Quebec" to 15c. The back of the book is strong with a nice F3 and lots of OHMS/G overprints. Very complete up to about 1993 (including Bluenose, dollar values, etc), and then a a bit more sparse from 1993 to 2009. What adds to the appeal of this lot is the number of socked-on-the-nose cancels on more common material. Overall condition is good, but the usual small faults can be expected. Total 2024 Scott US$6455.00 =