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Bidboard # 1947
Lot # 8
Catalogue Value or Estimate: $180.00
Current Bid: $55

Multi-part estate remainder lot in a file box. Starts with a 1979-series Stanley Gibbons padded album with pages to 1986, including a number of "Roos" and GeoV "Heads" followed by a few hundred stamps up until the mid-1970’s. At some distant point, this collection was catalogued at US$958.00 (which is probably high by today’s standards). Next is a pair of boxes, filled with mostly 1970’s used packet stock, but also saw a couple dozen bundles of KGV "Heads". There is a collection of seven 1988 Bicentennial booklets in slipcase, six manila stockpages crammed with decimal-era "State" revenue stamps, a bag with a few complete booklets back to the 1960’s and a couple of presentation packs (including Christmas 1971). Finally, there are three retired RPSC approval booklets (with some early, and some Cocos Islands), with about $125.00 retail remaining (based on 2012 Scott). Great research potential. Estimate =