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Our Dutch Auction is an auction where each lot is offered at a start price, with the price declining incrementally until someone locks in, placing a bid and purchasing the lot. This is a different dynamic than you see at most regular auctions where people bid on items with incrementally increasing bids, until no one is willing to bid any higher.

In our version of a Dutch Auction, each lot has a set of six declining prices that are matched with a range of six dates of ten days duration each. The sale is broken up into ten lots per page. You'll see arrows and other page numbers at the top and bottom of each page to help you navigate your way through the entire sale.

To place a bid in the Dutch Auction, check the box at the right side of the screen with your mouse where it reads "Bid?", then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Enter Bids for Selected Items". You may bid on as many lots in the sale as you like but each page of ten lots is a separate unit.

Once you've clicked to enter your bids, you will be directed to a page where you will see the lots you're interested in. Each of these lots will have drop down choices where you can pick the price increment that you are willing to pay. Note that none of these bids are officially entered until you've clicked on the "Enter My Bid(s)" at the bottom. This will automatically generate an email to us as well as generating a confirmation email that goes back to you.

It is essential that you make sure to enter your email address and bidder number. Otherwise we will receive an anonymous email with no way to determine who sent it.

You will note that unlike our regular Weeda Bidboard Auction, your bids are not instantaneously posted online. With the Dutch Auction we manually enter your bids that we receive as emails. All bids are date stamped at the time the bids were originally made. In case of identical bids, the earliest time stamped email prevails. We always process the bids within 24 hours but usually within an hour or two of receipt.

If any one of the incremental prices opposite a lot appears in red ink with a line though it and with the word SOLD underneath, then it is sold and no longer available at any price.

If any one of the incremental prices opposite a lot has the word BID in green underneath the price, this means that someone has locked in a bid at that price. The lot will be sold to them if no one bids at a higher increment before the sale date of that lot is reached. Then the green BID becomes a red SOLD. If you are interested in a lot that has a green BID on it, you just have to bid at a higher increment.

If you have any questions about the process or about any of the material being offered please do not hesitate to contact us. Call toll-free or send us an email. You can also bid by phone or regular email.