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Edition #642  Friday, February 16, 2018

Victoria's Baker's Club First Meeting at 811 Princess Avenue

When we designed our office warehouse on Princess Avenue we set aside an area we call the "flex space". This space includes a number of boardroom tables, our philatelic library, internet access, optical devices to facilitate philatelic inspection and a full kitchen. The intended uses of this space are to provide a venue for both individuals and groups to meet and research philatelic subject matter. This past week we hosted the first visit of The Baker's Club.

The basic concept behind The Baker's Club is dinner and a presentation. This is the same model Vancouver's "21 Club" is based on. The first Baker's Club meeting in our flex space consisted of Swiss Chalet chicken and a power point presentation on "The Nascopie and Eastern Arctic Patrol Mails" by Neil Donen and Gray Scrimgeour.

Here's everyone about to tuck into their pre-ordered dinner. Notice the encouraging amount of green on the plates of the Baker's Club members. Tom Watkins, foreground at right, appears to be particularly thrilled by his spinach salad with chicken breast.

Getting down to brass tacks. Prior to the presentation, Neil Donen gave a brief outline of the club's workings to the membership.

At the beginning of the talk Gray and Neil were kind enough to acknowledge the main reference used in their presentation, Kevin O'Reilly's "Northwest Territories Postal Cancellations". Canada's Arctic has always been a land of romance, remoteness and resourcefulness. The Eastern Arctic Mail Service was at one point in time the only contact some communities had with the outside world to the south.

The distances involved in servicing these communities are starkly illustrated by the points on this map.

This information sheet accompanied the talk.

Here, Gray Scrimgeour runs the power point presentation while Neil Donen assists as co-narrator. This particular view of the flex space gives you a good idea of the full layout of this part of our building.

This is what the flex space looked like when we first acquired the building.

Here's the rogue's gallery of Baker's Club members present at the first Princess Avenue meeting. Back row (from left to right): Larry Margetish, Bob Toombs, Tom Watkins, Ian Kimmerly and Robert Stock. Front row: Gray Scrimgeour, Neil Donen, Hal Kellett, Dean Goard and Brian Plain.

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Answer to Last Week's Salvation Army Quiz

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Here's the answer - Canada #501, the 1969 issue commemorating the 200th anniversary of Sir Isaac Brock's birth.

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Edition #642  Friday, February 16, 2018
Victoria's Baker's Club First Meeting at 811 Princess Avenue

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