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Edition #644  Friday, April 20, 2018

Ed in Ottawa and His Stamp Collages

Ever meet someone you feel may have missed their true calling? As you will see in this week's newsletter, our friend Ed in Ottawa has become quite adept at livening up formerly staid and dour philatelic scenes. It's nice to realize that Ed's aesthetic sensibilities are as rich and as pleasant as our longtime friendship with him. In the newsletter below both the words and images are of Ed's composition.

I have always been a collector of paper ephemera, such as magazines, photos, postcards, transit tickets, etc. Over 25 years ago I started assembling 'collages' the old fashioned way with paper, scissors and glue. Then with the advent of computer technology, along with a flat bed scanner and with the aid of a decent photo software program I discovered I could free myself from the mess of the paper, scissors and glue. In a short period of time I mastered the process of assembling my collages utilizing the technology at hand. The best thing about the computer generated process was how the elements and components could be copied, pasted and used over and over again.

As a kid I used to collect stamps primarily to earn a Cub Scout merit badge but when my hormones kicked in, I abandoned my interest in stamps. Fast forward past the hormonal stage to many years later, I started noticing the stamps being issued by Canada Post and on letters I was receiving from friends around the world. When I lived in Vancouver I started dropping into a stamp shop on my lunch hour near where I worked to browse through the stamps, postcards and covers. Realizing how affordable the items were, I picked up the hobby again and it continues today.

A couple of years ago I thought about how to incorporate stamps into collages and then decided to take it a bit further. Collages utilizing only stamps. I experimented and discovered that well engraved, recessed printed stamps scanned quite well and upon enlarging showed more detail of the engravers art. Today I look not only at stamps as miniature arts of work but I check out the potential it may play in one of my future collages. I realized some stamps, once enlarged, fall in the category of "good from far, far from good".

My collages usually take about four hours to complete, sometimes I see a stamp online that would be a perfect addition which requires me to acquire it before I can continue.

I enjoy assembling my collages and sharing them with my 'philatelic' friends who like the challenge of trying to identify the sources of the elements included. I try to add at least 20 elements or more to each collage. It presents more of a challenge.

The hardest part of putting together a collage is deciding when to stop adding more elements.

Lastly, I want to thank Beverly at Weeda who years ago owned that stamp shop in Vancouver that I used to drop into on my lunch break. She provided me with many stamps that turned into hours of enjoyment.

How It's Done

Here Ed shows us the original stamp, followed by the collaged stamp and the stamps he used to piece it all together.

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Answer to Last Week's Salvation Army Quiz

We received eight correct answers to our last stamp identification quiz. That means a $8.00 donation to Salvation Army.

Here's the portion of the stamp we asked you to identify

Here's the answer - Canada #1694, the 1997 $8.00 Grizzly Bear issue.

The Salvation Army Quiz

We show you a minute portion of the design of a postage stamp. You have to determine which stamp it is. Send us an email with your answer.

We hold a contest almost every newsletter. For every correct answer we will donate $1.00 to our favourite charity, the Salvation Army. Click here to go to the The Salvation Army International Home Page to see what services they offer to communities around the world.

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